Our Products


Excellent water and oil repellency, Excellent Anti stain properties, Easy to clean properties, Good anti graffiti properties.


High Viscosity MHEC grade for the applications of Cement based wall putty, External insulation mortar, Joint mortar, cement based tile fix.


High Viscosity & High Purity CMC grade for the applications of Distemper, primer, Acrylic wall putty, Food, Paper chemicals.

RD Powder

Increases the adhesion between mortar and its substrate,improves the mechanic property,flexibility, tensile strength.


High Viscosity Enzyme Resistant HEC grade.Applications : Water borne Paint & coating system.

Modified Starch

To improve the work-ability also to improve anti sag & anti slip properties.

Hollow Glass Microspheres

For the applications of paint & coating, construction & Insulation coating.

Celatom Celabrite

Used as an anti blocking agent for polymer producers & masterbatch manufacturers

Celatom FW 60

Diatomite Filter Aid for the resin filtration.

TALC 10 Micron

for paints & coating industries & also used in plastic industries.we have other specialty minerals also

Paint Driers

paint drier can be supplied in various concentrations, metal blends and solvents according to customer's requirements.

Gum Damar

To produce gloss & adhesive properties in variety of applications such as lacquers, Varnishes, Paints.

Styrene Acrylic Emulsion

50 % Solid used for producing semi gloss to matt finish emulsion paint, for application of Masonry, concrete, wood and other interior and exterior architectural structure.

Additive for Water Repellency

Improve sheen, increase water repellency, anti blocking & slip of water borne paint system